Documenting as an Artist

As I prepare for my long journey I am confronted with the question what to take so I can work as an artist in a country that provides only the bare minimum for it’s residents. I am looking at my studio and at all my beloved brushes, boards, paints, paint sticks, oils, papers, and sketch books and realize that, before I know what to pack, I have to be clear on what my artistic vision should be.

Last weekend I attended an event at DSU that inspired me to join the “A Drawing A Day” movement. For this I will need no more than black sharpies, colored pencils, watercolor, pencils, and a smart phone with Instagram access. And after ruffling through my stacks of supplies I was happy to find more than enough of the required things.


Limits are good for creativity. And I don’t have to make any decisions on what to use. And I already have some sketches from last year that will give me a good start today.

So, what exactly is my artistic vision?

I want to capture the colors and energy of Malawi and surrounding countries I plan to visit during the next two years. I will practice my skills in sketching, documenting, narrating and abstracting in ink, pencil, and watercolor. And I will ask Malawians to share some of their lure and stories with me so I can try and translate them into color. ( check out the following link for first sketches: )

Malawi Sketch Book 1

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Birgit in Malawi

I am an artist, educator, world traveler, and humanitarian leaving for Malawi, Africa, in June 2017.

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