About me


I am an artist, educator, former nurse and counselor, mother, and world traveler.I was born and raised in the German Democratic Republic, a country that ceased to exist after the Berlin Wall crumbled and came down in the 1990s.

I studied and moved around in different countries for a bit until I  discovered the red rocks of Utah in the United States. I fell in love. Then came a long transition period. After my children were born I decided to stay in the US. I followed my dream, changed my career to artist and art educator, raised my family until…

….in June 2016 I unknowingly took the first steps towards a new adventure in my life. A friend and I booked a flight to Malawi, and for the first time in my life I set foot on the African continent. Needless to say my world was turned upside down in only 4 weeks. Shortly after my return to the US I applied for a volunteer position with the Peace Corps.

I see this step as one of the important milestones in my life. It has significance in more than one way. And I expect it to change my life once more.

This blog is intended to document my internal and external journey through this time.

Thank you for visiting.

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